From RM659.00

From RM659.00

The Details

Soft tones and different gradients of blue make up a family of beautiful giraffes in the wild.

A Closer Look

A low pile height ensures no dirt is caught in between the rug, making it a cleaner choice for your little one. 


We use a unique sueding and washing technique to make this rug more durable and substantially lowering its chances in pilling. If you observe the rug under different lightings, you will be able to see its different visual effects.

We used environmental friendly plant dye, making different shades and gradients of blue. 


This rug is made of a unique blend of 10% Sheeps Wool and 90% Rayon. It is common for natural wool to pill and shed. Hence, we kept our usage of Sheeps Wool low, making this rug a more durable and practical choice. 

The rug backing is made of 100% cotton, woven tightly and densely together.

Child Friendly

This rug has obtained the Green Label Plus from The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

The Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label Plus programme sets a high standard for indoor air quality by certifying products with very low levels of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. As a prerequisite for initial certification, carpets must undergo a 14-day testing process as directed by California's Section 01350 Standard Practice for VOC Testing.


Customer Feedback

"Really adds a pop of colour and fun to my son's bedroom!"
"The shades of blue are so pretty."

Rug Maintenance