From RM1,289.00

From RM1,289.00

The Details

This rug is available in two colours: Black and Light Beige. A black background represents the beautiful night sky and create a nice contrast with the bright coloured hummingbirds. The Light Beige background illustrates the warm morning light, giving any space a sense of airiness with a delightful pop of colour.

Product Video

A closer look at our Celeste Hummingbird Area Rug


Transforming a painting into a rug is truly a difficult task. We really had to ask ourselves how are we going to be able to replicate the effect of a brushstroke blending through colours on a rug. 

Each thread is specially dyed and weaved tightly and densely together into a rug, giving it a embroidered effect.  


This rug is made of a Polyester Blend. Polyester is a highly durable material and its fibers hold color pigment longer and through more washes.

The rug backing is made of a blend of cotton and linen, woven tightly and densely together.

This rug measures around 14mm in thickness.

Our Inspiration

Hummingbirds are potent reminders to stop and smell the flowers, and that the greatest gifts in life are usually the ones freely given to us by nature. Like the tiny hummingbird which darts from flower to flower in search of nectar, we should spend our energy looking for the beauty in life.

The hummingbird is capable of flying long distances to reach its destination, so it can also remind us to persevere. 

Customer Feedback

"Was going to get a solid coloured rug but I am so glad I went with this instead!"

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