From RM750.00

From RM750.00

The Details

The drawings include all the planets in our solar system including: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We also included a rocket ship and star constellations.

Perfect for Children

This rug would serve as a perfect spot for playtime or storytimes. The images on the rug can stimulate a child's imagination as they role play as an astronaut exploring through space. 


The paintings on this rug are not printed on. Yarn is dyed with a unique plant dye before it is woven by our specialists. The rug is woven densely to accurately capture every detail.


This rug is made of a unique blend of 5% Sheeps Wool and 95% Rayon. It is common for natural wool to pill and shed. Hence, we kept our usage of Sheeps Wool low, making this rug a more durable and practical choice. 

The rug backing is made of 100% cotton (extra thick), woven tightly and densely together in a waffle pattern.

Our Inspiration

We were inspired by the child-like curiosity all of us has about the unknown, unexplored places. This rug serves to remind us to dare to explore and experience life to its fullest. 

Customer Feedback

"Literally the perfect rug for my kiddo who is absolutely obsessed with all things space!"

"When your child says his dream is to become an astronaut, buy him this rug. He will go nuts!"

Rug Maintenance