From RM999.00

From RM999.00

The Details

We created this rug with the colours found in nature in mind. Out of hundreds of shades of green, we meticulously selected 11 which complements this design and effect we want to achieve.  

A Closer Look

The different tones and shades of green represents the changing seasons. It is designed to bring a sense of calmness into a space by adding a much needed pop of green-it is why plants, even decorative ones, can always make a space feel more cosy.


This rug is 100% Handmade. We use a variety of techniques, including weaving loop piles at different heights to obtain a visual and textural contrast, giving it a 3-Dimensional effect that is difficult to replicate with machine-made rugs.  

We chose an invisible edge finishing so that the rug would blend in seamlessly with the flooring.

After many adjustments, we discovered that a pile height of 15mm is the perfect for this rug. Low pile rugs are easier to clean and more durable. The shorter fibers and loops prevent dust and dirt from digging into the rug. Instead, dirt tends to remain on the surface which can be easily removed with regular vacuuming.


This rug is made of a unique blend of 30% Sheeps Wool and 70% Polyester. It is common for natural Wool to pill and shed. Hence, we decided to use a mixture of wool and Polyester making this rug a more durable and practical choice. 

The rug backing is made of 100% cotton, woven tightly and densely together.

Rug Maintenance