From RM1,899.00

From RM1,899.00

The Details

This elegant peony will add a touch of gentle elegance to your room. With two colour choices, this rug is great for layering with a rectangular rug.

Make no mistake, this rug is also perfectly able to stand alone as a statement rug, drawing attention to anyone who walks past it. It's irregular edges perfectly mimics the shape of a peony, truly capturing the grace and beauty of a peony.

A Closer Look

This rug has a pile height of approximately 13mm. Low pile rugs are easier to clean and more durable. The shorter fibers and loops prevent dust and dirt from digging into the rug. Instead, dirt tends to remain on the surface which can be easily removed with regular vacuuming.


This rug is Hand-Tufted meticulously, ensuring a harmonious blend of colours, creating a beautifully crafted rug which cannot be replicated with machines. The curved lines of each petal is hand carved and trimmed, enhancing the intricate details of this rug.

We chose an invisible edge finishing so that the rug would blend in seamlessly with the flooring.


This rug is made of a unique blend of 60% New Zealand Sheeps Wool and 40% Nylon. It is common for natural Wool to pill and shed. Hence, we decided to use a mixture of Wool and Nylon making this rug a more durable and practical choice.

The rug backing is made of 100% Cotton, woven tightly and densely together.

Rug Maintenance