From RM1,299.00

From RM1,299.00

The Details

The Victoria Water-Resistant Rug is created with all the light coloured rug enthusiasts in mind, especially those who fear getting their rugs dirty.

Woven at different heights, this rug is both a visual treat for your eyes and textural experience for your feet.

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A closer look at our Victoria Water-Resistant Rug


This rug is made with Water-Resistant Diatom Fiber, enhanced with a variety of Synthetic Fibers, including Nylon.  

When water makes contact with the rug, it would bead up on the surface for 5 seconds, making speedy clean ups possible.

The Rug Backing is made of 100% Cotton, woven tightly and densely together.

Customer Feedback

"Really intricately made. The pattern gives off a carved effect, stunning!"
"Tested it and it really is water-resistant. You just got to wipe it off fast enough. If you always wanted a light coloured rug but afraid of it getting dirty, this is the rug for you. "

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